Sex drive foods

Sex drive foods

Egg Yolk

Eating yellow can increase your testosterone levels because eggs are very nutritious and these nutrients have a positive effect on your testosterone. Many people think that egg yolk is bad for your health because of its high cholesterol content, but it is not.

Egg yolk contains the good cholesterol your body needs and does not necessarily increase your blood cholesterol. It is also the part of the egg that contains the majority of nutrients.


These reduce the harmful levels of estrogen and, increase your testosterone. There is a nutrient called calcium that removes toxins and excess estrogen from your body. They also have a lot of resveratrol, which acts against aromatase and estrogen, which makes cranberry the best food for increasing testosterone.


Oysters are another rich and nutritious food that has been used to increase testosterone levels. This is because oysters contain a decent amount of zinc, a nutrient known to increase testosterone and at the same time, activate hormones that increase physical performance during intercourse. Physicians believe that zinc deficiency is a major risk factor for increased male infertility due to low testosterone levels.

A recent study has shown that daily zinc intake doubles the level of sperm in testosterone. Zinc is needed to optimize sexual function as an active nutrient to stimulate testosterone growth. Add simple foods such as spinach, walnuts, squash, beans, cocoa powder and wheat to your diet - these are simple ways to improve your zinc intake.


Bananas are an excellent source of bromelain, an enzyme that helps our body digest protein and increase testosterone levels. Bananas are also rich in B vitamins, which increase the absorption of zinc, as mentioned above, are another mineral that increases testosterone production.
In addition, bananas contain substantial amounts of fibre, which help stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain lean body composition.

5. Whey Protein

It has been shown that whey protein reduces cortisol levels. In addition, the whey protein itself can increase testosterone production. A study has shown that whey reduces the increase in cortisol levels after lifting heavy weights. And because high levels of cortisol can negatively affect testosterone levels, it makes sense to consume whey protein after physical exercises. This will not only allow your testosterone to function effectively, but it will also increase hormone production.

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