Best way to burn calories

Best way to burn calories

Find a friend who walks

The time you spend with a friend does not want to exercise. The more you have fun, the faster you attach your shoes and go out to move. A walking companion is also a good liability partner and can help you keep your weight loss goals on track.

If you incorporate these five tips into your market this week, you'll be able to burn more calories and take a big step towards your fitness goals. Remember that you can walk faster with shorter steps, increasing your heart rate and burning extra calories. To see how many calories you burn, you can use the Fit Watch Calorie Calculator. A pedometer or heart rate monitor is other useful tools to control you’re walking. A pedometer tells you how many steps you have made while walking and a heart rate monitor can help you reach your target heart rate to burn calories more efficiently.

 Drink cold water

Drinking cold water generates internal heat while the body keeps the temperature in balance. Research shows that drinking 500 ml of cold water can also help increase calorie consumption by 24 to 30% for 90 minutes.

Conquer hills

Find hills around you and dominate them! The different altitudes and slopes of the hills affect your muscles in different ways and burn more calories than walking on a flat surface. Do you have hills near you? No problem you can do a similar exercise on a treadmill by increasing the incline. TIP: Do not use handrails. Keep your hands free and pump your arms. If you cannot walk without clinging to the treadmills, the speed is too high or the incline too steep.

Get up during work

If you have a desk job, stay up for two hours and 20 minutes all day long and burn 303 calories. On the contrary, if you sit at the same time, just burn 233. It may be time to invest in this permanent office!

Cook your meals instead of asking for delivery

Sorting with your thumbs requires about zero calories. If you cook and prepare your meals, you need energy! Cooking your meals also saves you money and allows you to control all the ingredients to make sure you get a healthy meal.

 Clean your house: 300 calories / hour

You can burn calories by helping at home. Your car is dirty? After washing the car for 20 minutes, 100 calories are burned. You do not want to wash the car? Cut the lawn or the garden. Your cup of tea is not yet? Rearrange your furniture, prepare a meal or just pick it up at home. In about 20 to 30 minutes, he burned 100 extra calories and a cleaner house! Great advantage!